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Jumat, 19 April 2013

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My Beloved Sister

I have a brother and a sister. His name is Chandra Wijaya, but people called him Chaca and the other name is Andien. Chaca just on grade 5 while Andien still little. So, I am the oldest child in my family.
Andien has long name Andien Septiara Geisha. She was born on September, 21st 2009 in Kebumen. It was exactly when Lebaran Days two years ago. So, she is 2 years old now.
When she was born, the age of my mother’s womb just turned 7 months. So, she was premature baby once. She was born in bu Ida’s house, a midwife in my village. She was born with the body’s weight is 17 ons and her length is 45 centimeters. Because of that, bu Ida suggest my mother to take Andien’s baby to hospital so that be cared intensively. But, now her weight is 10 kilograms and her height is 70 centimeters.
Andien has black eyes and fair-skinned. She also has round face. Her hair is straight but thin. Although her nose is rather flat, but she looks very cute. Her body is rather fat, but she is difficult if be ordered to eats. Almost two weeks ago, she didn’t eat rice. She is very stubborn.
Andien is a naughty and crybaby. Almost every days she cries surely. When she wakes up, she cries suddenly. My mother doesn’t know what the result. It’s at night or before dawn. My neighbours often ask what’s happened with her. But, if she is smiling, she’s very sweety. Her smile can makes me happy.
Andien already can walks alone. She also already can speaks out frankly. She usually imitates what the other person’s talks. Although her speaking perfectly yet. She likes candy very much. So, if my mother doesn’t buy her candy, she will cries. She also likes a cup of tea. Her hobbies are plucks flowers, puts something into disorder and watching cartoon.
If I go home, she asks me to set a film. It is Toys Story 3. She is very happy if watching it. She will silent and starts to concentration to watching this film. Her favorite figure in this film is a pig. She is very glad if looks the pig. Although she have watched it again and again. She’s never bored to watch it.
I love her very much. Although she is very talkative, naughty and crybaby, but she is my beloved sister.

Questions :
1.      What is her long name?
a.       Andien Laura Ramadhany
b.      Clara Andien Septiara       
c.       Septiara Andien Larasati
d.      Andien Septiara Geisha
e.       Septiara Geisha Andien
2.      When was she born?
a.       on September, 20th 2009
b.      on September, 21st 2009
c.       on September, 22nd 2009
d.      on September, 23rd 2009
e.       on September, 24th 2009
3.      What are Andien’s hobbies?
a.       Plays football
b.      Reading books
c.       Puts something into disorder
d.      Story telling
e.       Waters the flowers
4.      What does she like?
a.       Black eyes and fair-skinned
b.      Naughty and crybaby
c.       Candy and a cup of tea
d.      Premature baby
e.       Cake and fried chicken
5.      So, I am the oldest child in my family.
I refers to . . .
a.       Andien                                             d. Her mother
b.      Chaca                                               e. The writer
c.       Mrs. Ida
Answers :
1.  d
2.  b
3.  c
4.  c
5.  e

Name              : Maya Afifah
Class               : X-1
Numb.             : 21

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